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Cooperative Agreements for State-Based Comprehensive Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Programs

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Possible uses and use restrictions...

Cooperative agreements funds may be used to assure screening of women for breast and cervical cancer as an early detection preventive measure; assure appropriate referrals for follow-up services for women with abnormal screening tests and routine rescreening; develop and disseminate public education and outreach programs for the early detection and control of breast and cervical cancers; improve the education, training and skills of health professionals (including allied health professionals) in the early detection and control of breast and cervical cancers; establish mechanisms through which the States, tribes and territories can monitor the quality of breast and cervical cancer screening procedures in the State, including the interpretation of such procedures; and evaluate program activities through appropriate surveillance and monitoring. Cooperative agreement funds may not be expended for screening and follow-up services to the extent that payment has been made, or can reasonably be expected to be made, with respect to such items or services: (1) under any State compensation program, under any insurance policy or under any Federal or State health benefits program; or (2) by any entity that provides health services on a prepaid basis. Cooperative agreement funds shall not be used for treatment or treatment services. States, tribes and territories are required to make available nonfederal contributions in cash or in-kind toward such cost in an amount equal to not less than $1 for each $3 of Federal funds provided. Such contributions may be made directly or through donations from public or private entities. The payment for treatment services or the donation of treatment service may not be used for nonfederal contributions. States, tribes and territories may include only nonfederal contributions in excess of the average amount of nonfederal contributions made by the State, tribe or territory for the two year period preceding the first fiscal year for which the State, tribe or territory is applying to receive a cooperative agreement for a comprehensive breast and cervical cancer early detection program. In making a determination of the amount of nonfederal contributions for purposes of matching fund requirements, applicants may include any nonfederal amounts expended pursuant to Title XIX of the Social Security Act for the purpose of screening and follow- up for women at-risk for breast and cervical cancers.